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Forming a Limited company isn’t as easy as it used to be and it requires you to carefully consider HMRC regulations, company law, business issues, and money laundering regulations when starting a new company. It is crucial for your Limited company be set up properly from the start to avoid errors and omissions that could happen later on.

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Frequently Ask Questions

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A Limited Company is a legal entity in it’s own right, which can be owned by one or more people. The liability of the company is separate from that of it’s owners. This is essentially why it is called a ‘Limited Company’, with the word ‘Limited’ implying that any liabilities of the company do not extend to it’s owners (as in a sole trader structure).

The risks of the owners are limited to the investment that they have made in the company.

The day to day activities of a Limited Company are charged to the directors of a company. The directors of a company are also responsible for ensuring that the Company meets all it’s statutory obligations.

There are 3 main types of limited company structures:

  1. Private Limited (LTD)
  2. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  3. Public Limited Company (PLC)

A Private Limited Company is a common type of Limited Company, with many start up business choosing to use this structure – it may have one or more shareholders (owners)

A Limited Liability Partnership has the same basic statutory requirements of a Private Limited Company, but it needs to have at least two members to exist as a Limited Liability Partnership.

A Public Limited Company would also need to meet the same basic requirements of Limited Companies, but instead of being privately owned, it’s shares may be publicly listed and traded (bought and sold) on a stock market.)


The company registered office is an address in England or Wales (or Scotland if your company is registered there).

It is where the company’s statutory books must be available for inspection and where documents can be delivered to the company.

If your company is registered in England – you would need to have a registered office in England and likewise, if your company is registered in Wales, you would need to have a company registered office in Wales.

It is important that you choose an address which you can receive mail on and where company documents can be delivered to your company. If you are unable to receive mail on your registered office address, you may risk missing important correspondence from Companies House, HMRC and other official organisations.

A company’s registered office address must be displayed on all company literature and documents.


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