Registering for Corporation Tax

By: In2Accounting

Registering for Corporation Tax is a simple online procedure, but it is vital that it is performed in time and with accurate information. All our Limited Company Packages include registering for Corporation Tax on your behalf as your tax agent with HMRC.


When to register?

You need to register your company within 3 months of starting your business. Starting your business means buying, selling, employing staff, advertising your products/services or renting for business purposes etc


Information you will need to complete a corporation tax registration

  • UTR number (unique tax reference number)
  • the date you started to do business (this will be the start date of your company’s first accounting period)
  • your company name
  • company registration number
  • your business trading address (ie where you work from)
  • your business activity
  • your accounting reference date (the date you make your accounts up to)
  • the name and home address of the company directors


UTR Number

Your UTR number will automatically be sent to, usually within 2 weeks of forming your limited company. HMRC is automatically informed of your companies registration and will send your UTR number by post to your registered company office address.

Accounting Period

Your accounting period is a time period that you choose to run your accounts to and is usually 12 months or a year (it cannot be more than 12 months for Corporation Tax purposes – so if your Accounts did span a period over 12 months, you may need to submit 2 tax returns, with the second tax return covering the period in excess of 12 months)

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